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Kristy Rice + Craftsy

Get whisked away into the whimsical world of watercolor florals. Kristy shares a library of techniques to get you started in this versatile medium. You’ll learn to paint a pretty peony while gaining transferable skills for any watercolor project you dream up.

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What is Patreon you ask? It a way for me to create robust and exclusive content to those who wish to support me as a fine artist. So yes, my free content here and elsewhere online will continue BUT on Patreon you’ll have access to wayyyy more #artforjoysake!

Kristy + Creativebug

Two completely unique, expertly filmed and produced courses are available on Creativebug.

Visit Creativebug to learn more about Kristy’s two classes: Landscape Watercolor Painting and Art Meets Life: 31 Ways to Combine Watercolor and Flora.