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Hi, I’m Kristy!

My name is Kristy Rice. I believe in God, my family, and making art. My husband and I adopted our son in December of 2015 and a little girl in 2019. They are literally my joy. I was made to be a Mama.

I am a joy seeker.

Joy is very different than happiness because happiness relies soley on good circumstances. But JOY, when you find it, cannot be shaken.

Watercolor, whether you paint yourself or appreciate it in your home has the unique power to incite joy in your life. Every class I teach or item we develop centers on finding #unshakeablejoy in the everyday.

Our Team

Meet the team.

We are a team built upon decades of making art. Our obsessions align when it comes to making your creative journey more delightful.

Custom Requests & Partnerships

Kristy would love to chat with you about custom requests, artwork licensing, social media partnerships, and more. Get in touch!

Planning a wedding?

I’m also the owner/founder of Momental Designs, where along with a team of 6, we bring heartfelt, soul-filled artwork to weddings worldwide.

Featured Product

The Making Art for Joy’s Sake Watercolor Palette

The Art for Joy’s Sake Journal & Watercolor Notecard Bundle is perfect for diving into the world of watercolor, whether you’re a beginner or a pro!

A few favorite collections