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The Making Art for Joy’s Sake Watercolor Palette


Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, this watercolor paint palette is all you need to create masterpieces with professionally enduring quality pigment. This sturdy watercolor paint set contains solid watercolor pigment made with high quality gum arabic to produce the most color intense pigments.

  • Our watercolor set features 12 carefully selected, non-toxic water paint colors designed to produce hundreds of color mixes even a beginner could produce. Each color is unique in their velvety texture and are the best watercolor paints to produce saturated and highly pigmented brushstrokes easily. Never chalky or grainy, our watercolor paints are beginner friendly, but professional quality with every brushstroke.
  • The professional metal watercolor palette features poppy flower watercolor artwork and a cheerful reminder to “make art for joy’s sake”. Unlike any watercolor pan set on the market, our colorful watercolor palette case and rose gold detailing will inspire your future artwork!
  • This compact travel watercolor palette features over 30 square inches of color mixing space, The removable paint tray reveals even more mixing space and allows each of the watercolor pans to be removed, reorganized and refilled. Add our watercolor travel set to your watercolor supplies!

  • Customer Reviews

    5 out of 5.0
    Based on 2 Reviews
    When the Art For Joy's Sake palette came out, I thought I'd pass on it. I didn't think I liked the colors, and the price was steep. But the more I saw Kristy use the palette on her videos, I felt I had to have it. When my birthday rolled along I had enough money to buy the palette, I did. And am so glad! First impressions left me wanting to return it, but only because I had just had a busy day and couldn't create anything lovely with them that night. But the next day, I tried them out again, and absolutely loved them! They are not chalky like my previous watercolors, and they are highly pigmented. All 12 colors are beautiful, and have fun names besides. The tin in gorgeous, too. I'll refrain from mentioning quality because as a beginner in watercolor, I couldn't tell. I'd have to compare them to other "professional" watercolors, but these watercolors seem pretty professional to me, with their rich pigments and overall good performance when using them. They are easily activated by water, which I really appreciate, because my previous palette is not. While the palette is expensive, the purchase is, to me, justifiable, as you are buying a really lovely product, as well as supporting a small business. Paying the 42 dollars (plus shipping) was fine with me because I really wanted to support the person who has helped me so much in my watercolor journey. I am all for supporting a small business, too, even if the larger businesses provide cheaper (if not as aesthetic) products. This was also my first professional watercolor palette, so I was okay with splurging a little :) If you wanted a lovely watercolor palette with unique colors from a small business, and have the money, I would say yes, definitely buy this palette. It fills me with so much joy. It is truly magical!
    Changed my life and made me feel I can do this!
    Absolutely adore theses paints and palette! I was only using craft or children’s crayolas and prang paints before but somehow I knew I could do this art thing and the yearning inside so so great! Kristy sent me these when I couldn’t afford much along with her brushes and it literally changed everything! The neutrals and pale pink were so soft and sweet and made the backgrounds and first layers amazing! I love the fluorescent yellow soso much for glazing and bringing brightness that it just feels like the sun is shiny in my simple flowers!! Can’t say enough about these amazing paints!! Kristy has taught me to be kind to myself and trust the journey!!