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The Art for Joy’s Sake Journal

T H E   S T O R Y 

These beautiful pages invite you to pick up your brush and grow.

Kristy Rice’s joy-focused approach to watercolor has won the hearts of fans
worldwide and with this journal, Rice offers simple to adopt ways for all levels of painters to make “art for joy’s sake”.


  • Hardcover book with rose gold foil cover detailing, featuring 10 illustrations on thick paper ready to be watercolored.
  • Tear out reproductions of the same illustrations painted by Kristy herself.
  • No-stress watercolor exercises to release your creative spirit in just minutes.
  • Pages of inspirational artwork and quotes featuring Kristy’s favorite patterns.
  • Elastic journal band and satin ribbon bookmark.
  • Art party recipes and ideas.

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    Your beautiful joy Journal
    Please let us know when you have more I would dearly love to Journal my watercolour beginning
    Josephine Ford
    [email protected]