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Mixed-Media Adventures with Kristy Rice: A Noncoloring Book


With this special twist on the reverse coloring book, enjoy a new way to relax, express your creative self, and add joy to your life. Plus, you'll have dozens of pages to keep or give as beautiful mixed-media creations!

On these pages of high-quality watercolor paper, the color is already waiting; now handle the fun part of making the lines. . . with pens, metallic markers, collage bits, paints, or anything else that inspires you.

Kristy offers you thoughtful ideas and prompts throughout to meet your every creative whim, whether you're in the mood to improve some art techniques or just to relax.

The pages are gumbound for clean removal. With two copies of each painting, the book vanquishes the fear of "messing up this painting I love"—you always have another version, so you can try again. Let this multimedia adventure bring you hours of enjoyment and creative play. Also includes ready-to-embellish bonus bookmarks and wish cards.

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