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One of a Kind Artwork

Studio Sketch Release 2022 – Parting


Kristy believes that everyone at some point in their lives should own a piece of original art, so she is releasing her watercolor studio sketches! These are paintings that Kristy has done for lives on social media, demos, teaching sessions, World Watercolor Month, etc. 

Kristy also believes deeply to make art accessible, so these watercolor studio sketches are priced to go fast!


  • Size: 10x13
  • Watercolor on cold press 600 gsm arches watercolor paper
  • Please note:
    1. These are watercolor studio sketches, there may be paint splotches, pencil marks, water marks, even an extra painting!, etc. on backs.
    2. Kristy uses a variety of pigments, some less resistant to UV exposure than others. Every sketch is finish with a UV protectant to prevent fading but we also recommend framing under UV plexi/glass for an added layer of protection.

This is a wonderful source for affordable UV protection frames:

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