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A Purr-fect Painting: Matisse’s Other Great Cat – Children’s Book


T H E   S T O R Y 

Discover the world of Henri Matisse through the eyes of his cat, La Puce. Join him and his two companions, Minouche and Coussi, as they spend their days in Matisse's sunny seaside apartment watching the artist create his paintings.

As La Puce observes Matisse painting his masterpiece, The Cat with the Red Fish, featuring Minouche, he too longs to be the subject of one of his paintings. After Matisse falls ill and can no longer paint standing up, La Puce tries to coax him back into painting by using La Puce as a model. When an accident happens, La Puce inspires the artist to create again . . . but this time using paper and scissors!

Includes an author note about Henri Matisse and how he came to create artwork by using cut paper collages using papers painted with colorful gouache paint.

Written and illustrated by Joan Waites


  • 40 pages
  • 30 color illustrations
  • Hardcover
  • Size: 9in x 9in

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