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Wild Strawberry Fields Forever – Watercolor Fragments Art Print


#watercolorfragments is a collection of fine art compositions by Kristy Rice. 

T H E   T E C H N I Q U E
Kristy combines live floral bits, sculpted paper and brushstrokes on paper to develop richly textured compositions that beautifully fool the eye. Where does fresh floral end and watercolor begin? You decide.

T H E   P R I N T S
Each composition is photographed to crystallize the moment before the live elements fade. Kristy's #watercolorfragments compositions have come to life worldwide in countless destinations from the wide open Redrock vistas of Southern Utah to the wild strawberry fields of Iceland. 

T H E   S T O R Y   B E H I N D   T H E   A R T
Kristy discovered wild strawberries on the last morning she and her husband spent in Iceland. With no time to paint, she plucked a few from the icy ground and promised herself she would capture them before taking off. In classic Kristy style, she set up studio in an airport cafe and had just enough time to photograph her creation before tossing it all and boarding the plane home!

T H E   D E T A I L S

  • Fine Art Prints are full bleed at a final size of 8x8 inches.
  • Printed on white resin coated photographic paper


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