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The Ready for Joy Empty Palettes are here! Click to purchase!

The Ready for Joy Empty Palettes are here! Click to purchase!

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Watercoloring Page Bundle – Fruits and Veggies


T H E  S T O R Y

Joy is waiting for you here. You just need to pick up the brush, fill a cup with water and be willing to play.

I hear you...you’ve never painted before. But hear me. Your inexperience with watercolor doesn’t matter a single bit here. Not one single bit.

I personally guarantee that if you follow the easy steps I include with this bundle, regardless of experience you will feel new joy when the brush hits the paper. I promise you will feel lighter.


The Watercoloring Page Set

  • 3 of Kristy's illustrations printed on textured cold press watercolor paper
  • 3 of the same illustrations printed on 100lb textured white cardstock (for practice and experiments)
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10" - perfect for framing!
  • Story card, practice sheet, and lesson card

High Quality Dot Card Palette

  • 8 of our favorite Daniel Smith watercolors!
  • Featuring: Opera Pink, Payne's Gray, Moonglow, Cascade Green, Cadmium Red Scarlet Hue, Naples Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, & Manganese Blue Hue

The Art for Joy's Sake Watercolor Brush

  • Custom designed exclusively for Kristy Rice!
  • Natural wood handle with rose gold ferrule and text detailing
  • Synthetic bristles in a versatile 1/4 inch dagger shape to create countless thick and thin brushstrokes


    Have your own supplies & just want the coloring pages?! Head here!

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