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So Here We Are Collection Art Print – You Are Not Lost


Our newest collection of prints inspired by Kristy's originals collection released earlier this year!

T H E  P A I N T I N G 'S  S T O R Y
For years I've grown Icelandic Poppies just outside my door. Without fail they would pop every May without coaxing. This year they disappeared. Amidst the deep of 2020 this felt like a loss. A real loss. But I chose to spin the experience into what could only be described as a win. And so I purchased new poppy plants, planted them and watched them wither away inexplicably and so all I was left with was paint. I painted my dear Poppies back into existence. Weeks passed by and with each small mark or fluid gesture of my brush, I realized the excitement of the Poppies lived deep inside me. The were not lost, or dead, they were waiting to be revealed again.

Print made from this original painting!



  • 8x10 inch art print
  • Printed on hot press watercolor paper 
  • Signed by Kristy


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