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The Making Art for Joy’s Sake Watercolor Palette


Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, this watercolor paint palette is all you need to create masterpieces with professionally enduring quality pigment. This sturdy watercolor paint set contains solid watercolor pigment made with high quality gum arabic to produce the most color intense pigments.

  • Our watercolor sets feature 12 carefully selected, non-toxic water paint colors designed to produce hundreds of color mixes even a beginner could produce. Each color is unique in their velvety texture and are the best watercolor paints to produce saturated and highly pigmented brushstrokes easily. Never chalky or grainy, our watercolor paints are beginner friendly, but professional quality with every brushstroke.
  • The professional metal watercolor palette features poppy flower watercolor artwork and a cheerful reminder to “make art for joy’s sake”. Unlike any watercolor pan set on the market, our colorful watercolor palette case and rose gold detailing will inspire your future artwork!
  • This compact travel watercolor palette features over 30 square inches of color mixing space, The removable paint tray reveals even more mixing space and allows each of the watercolor pans to be removed, reorganized and refilled. Add our watercolor travel set to your watercolor supplies!
  • Our watercolor paints for adults is a varied palette of water paints to allow the artist to experiment with endless options as they create. Our custom watercolors for adults range from the more opaque (like gouache) to the most transparent

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  • Customer Reviews

    5 out of 5.0
    Based on 5 Reviews
    One of the best Palettes on the market

    The pigment load is amazing. The variety of colours between sheerness and opacity is divine and the inclusion of some neon is definitely a Kristy trademark, which I love. I have used it consistently for a year now and my floral snd landscapes always pop! The peach is great for skin tone base as well as florals. Extremely well thought out palette. Can't wait for a 24 one to be released if possible

    Not just another palette.
    I'm really happy that I purchased these paints. My greatest challenge as a beginner is getting the colors right. I really struggle with the cool/warm balance, but the paints in this set all seem to go together beautifully. There was so much thought put into this, from the textures to how the colors go together to how well they mix on the page. So much of the color work is done for me, allowing me to focus on practicing painting and blending on the page. This isn't just another palette put out by a manufacturer who's in it for the highest profits. It's carefully designed to help people paint better, and I couldn't be more appreciative. Love it!
    Holy crap these rock.
    I was going to say that they are vibrant, smooth and mix into a beautiful array of colors. That however seemed too wordy lol. So instead, buy these, you won't regret it. That is all.
    I dream come true!
    This palette is amazing, creamy, blend so well with other colors. I love it because I never had before all my favorite colors in one palette!! I'll need a second one soon!!
    Smooth like butter
    Love this palette. The colors are beautiful and are so smooth to apply. Like butter. I bought 2 so I wouldn't run out.